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Bukalapak is a trusted online shopping site in Indonesia that sells a diverse range of products needed by all Indonesians. As technology evolves, more and more activities are done digitally, more easily and practically, including spending activities that are now increasingly rampant digitally, whether through computers, laptops, to smartphones that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Bukalapak is present as a trusted online store with consumer systems to consumers. This allows everyone to sell and also buy products easily online. Bukalapak has a vision to become the number one marketplace in Indonesia with a mission to empower SMEs throughout Indonesia. Everyone in Indonesia can market their superior products in Bukalapak by opening a cheap online store with a choice of unit shopping system and also wholesale.


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1 E-Voucher (New Customer)
2 E-Voucher (Existing Customer)
3 Train and Flight Ticket - Travel (New Customer)
4 Train and Flight Ticket - Travel (Existing Customer)
5 Marketplace (New Customer)
6 Marketplace (Existing Customer)


1. To shop at MY Smart Shopper, make sure you log in first on the MY Smart Shopper website, then select your favourite merchant.

2. Before you click on the "Shop Now" button, make sure you have read all the information from the merchant regarding the amount of Cash Points and Reward Points, the duration of the transaction tracking process and the duration of the Cash Point delivery process.

3. Then click the "Shop Now" button and wait until you are directed to the merchant's site.

4. After you are directed, make sure you stay on the merchant's website page (and don't click other sites (e.g Facebook, other shopping sites, etc) and log in with your account that has been registered on the merchant's website.

5. Complete the order process and your payment transaction as usual.

6. After you complete the payment process at the merchant, to ensure that your transaction is tracked in the MY Smart Shopper system, please check in the "My Dashboard" menu on your MY Smart Shopper account and select the "Shopping Trips" menu where you can see all history of transactions that you have made.

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